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Mr. Trey Tinnell

Featured industry practitioner:
Mr. Trey Tinnell, North America Lead for Watson, AI, & Deep Leaning, IBM

Have you been looking to infuse innovations, technologies, and changes taking place in today’s industry and consumer culture into your research?

iRACE Research Brainstorming Sessions© 
with Industry Practitioners

When the collective intellect of industry experts melds with the academic prowess of Auburn's faculty and graduate scholars, an abundance of transformative ideas emerge!

April 15, 2024

Mr. Wesley Eugene, SVP - North America, HIT Global, and faculty and graduate students from diverse disciplines (Consumer & Design Sciences, Human Development & Family Sciences, Supply Chain Management, Hospitality Management) brainstormed  on human life with AI and how human scientists may research on and with AI to create sustainable solutions  for and make positive impacts on health and wellness of individuals, families, and businesses.


Would you like an opportunity to brainstorm with consumer psychologists, design scientists, family scientists, data scientists, or marketing and management researchers, to tackle a complex industry challenge at no cost? The iRACE Initiative is here for you!



Department of Consumer and Design Sciences

College of Human Sciences, Auburn University

364 Spidle Hall

Dr. Wi-Suk Kwon     


p. (334)-844-4011

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